Kilobar Compacting of Michigan, LLC

Welcome to KILOBAR Compacting of Michigan, LLC - a premier specialty manufacturer of Fusible Pellets.

With incredibly fast response times, KILOBAR Pellets are the number one choice for protection devices in both the Telecommunications and Fire Protection industries.

Our proprietary metallurgy ensures we produce a creep resistant Pellet that provides optimum performance and longevity. All KILOBAR powdered metal Pellets are produced with extremely high tolerances to facilitate high speed machine assembly or exacting finish part dimensions.

KILOBAR Compacting utilizes up to 10 Eutectic Alloys that melt between 72° and 270°C. All KILOBAR Pellets are produced with high tech automation under the exact standards of ISO 9001. We manufacture Pellets with diameters from 2.25mm to 12.5mm, with thickness ranging from 1mm to 6mm.

KILOBAR also produces custom Eutectic Alloy Pellets with varying diameters and hole locations. These specialty Pellets are typically used in numerous telecommunication protection devices.

KILOBAR Compacting can supply a wide range of Fusible Pellets to a customer's exacting specifications. Manufacturing capabilities exist for double-indented, tapered, chamfered, "Blind Hole" and Rivet shaped Fuse Pellets. We can also produce high or low melt Fusible Plugs including "Lead Free" options.

As a relatively small, privately owned company, KILOBAR Compacting offers our customers unparalleled personal service and the experience of over 30 years providing Fusible Link devices to the Life Safety industry - protecting everything from Range Hoods to Nuclear Power Station Ducting and Access Doors.

Telecom Industry / Fire Sprinklers / Fusible Links / Discharge Tubes

Call us at: 989-846-9591 or email

Telecom Industry / Fire Sprinklers / Fusible Links / Discharge Tubes
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